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HVLS Industrial Fan

S A Engineering Corporation introduces High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans, the world’s second-largest HVLS fan maker. HVLS fans are High-performance industrial fans which replace multiple wall-mounted fans. HVLS Fan reduces running costs by up to 80% compared to other fans & payback in 6 months. We have the most dependable Three Black Industrial HVLS Fans solution on the market to meet your needs. HVLS Fan made by S A Engineering Corporation distributes air up to 15000 sqft corner to corner. Its coverage is consuming only 1.5KW power.

Salient features of HVLS Industrial Fan

HVLS Industrial Fan Manufacturers create Single fan and replaces multiple wall-mounted ones. These fans distribute air up to 28,000 sq.ft., corner to corner, with outstanding Coverage without draft consuming only 1.5KW power. They help in running Costs reduction which tends payback in 6 months. Fans have variable speed controllers to set and control airflow through reverse operation options.

Cost savings at every turn

HVLS Industrial Fan suppliers help in delivering fans which costs truly little an hour to operate. HVLS fans allow you to save on energy costs by increasing the thermostat temperature while maximizing the comfort level when it’s hot or by warming the facility through destratification when it’s cold. This helps save significant money on energy and heating bills, especially in larger facilities.

Cooling at its best

Airspeed produces a wind chill factor, which lowers the effective temperature, giving a person the sensation of being exposed to a lower temperature than the actual measured/constant temperature. HVLS Industrial Fans Exporters provide an ideal supplement to air conditioning, allowing a facility to raise set points by as much as 4°F (2°C) without a noticeable change in comfort. HVLS Industrial fans in India built by S A Engineering corporation are the perfect choice for commercial use. The increased air movement caused by our HVLS fan reduces effective temperatures and can help make the air feel up to 18°F (10°C) cooler.


Product Details:

Number Of Blades 5
Material Aluminium
Size 8-24 ft.
Noise Level 43 dB
Airflow Displacement 150000 cfm to 400000cfm
Maximum Effective Coverage 5000 to 6000 sq. ft.
Power Source Electricity

We at SA engineering are engaged into manufacturers of HVLS fans for all industrial needs. We are among the reliable HVLS Industrial Fan Suppliers And Exporters From India who are prepared to offer and Industrial Ceiling Fans manufacture your unique requirements with maximum accuracy.     

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