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High Volume Low Speed Fans

A High Volume Low Speed Fans downward air column reaches the floor, the air rotates horizontally away from the column in all directions. The "horizontal floor jet" is the air that flows outward. Because the diameter of the air column determines the height of the floor jet, a larger diameter fan produces a larger air column and hence a higher floor jet. As one of the trusted High Volume Low Speed Fans, Pole Mounted HVLS Fans Manufacturers in India, we determine your requirements and deliver solutions to improve productivity.

Characteristics of High Volume Low Speed Fans

We, at S A Engineering Corporation, are reputed High Volume Low Speed Fans Manufacturers. The power needed to drive a fan rises roughly in proportion to the cube of the fan's typical airspeed. A commercial fan that delivers air at 20 mph uses 64 times more power than a fan that delivers air at 5 mph.

High Volume Low Speed Fans – A Necessity

S A Engineering Corporation develops and associates with High Volume Low Speed Suppliers to supply quality products.  Another requirement is that the amount of air moving through the fan in one revolution be at least 500 cubic feet. In comparison, depending on the size of the fan, conventional residential floor fans have an RPM of around 300 (at low speed) and over 1500 (at high speed).

Purposes of High Volume Low Speed Fans

High Volume Low Speed Fans are suited for applications where equipment or impediments could obstruct optimum airflow from a wall or floor fan. High Volume Low Speed Fans Exporters are widespread across the country and can be contacted for these fans. The air column circumvents equipment to reach humans or cattle since the fans are often positioned near the ceiling. Today, we have become one of the best Helicopter Fan Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

Because the fan has larger props to move more air without using more electricity to raise speed, and High Volume Low Speed Fans in India save energy. The low-power characteristic of HVLS ceiling fans assures that a building won't have to use too much energy to run the equipment while yet providing adequate airflow.

Product Details:

Phase 1 Phase
Number of Blades 6
Power Type AC
Brand Strome Air
Material Iron
Volume to be ventilated 500000 cfm
Noise Level 45 db
Maximum Effective Coverage 6000-8000 sq.ft.

We are engaged into manufacturing of BLDC, HVLS, High speed low speed gearless fans for Industrial and commercial needs covering large space and having high efficiency.

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