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Gear Less HVLS Fans

High-volume Low-speed fans without gears are referred to as Gear Less HVLS Fans. These fans are larger than seven feet in diameter and are normally mounted directly from the ceiling or a little down if the ceiling is quite high. These fans travel slowly, with a maximum speed of 200 RPM and a speed of less than 60 MPH at the fan blade tip, as the name implies. We are also known for offering superior quality of HVLS Gearless Fans at best price.

Wide applications of Gear Less HVLS Fans

Gear Less HVLS Fans Manufacturers have been spotted in local gyms, ballparks or stadiums, and airport terminals. HVLS fans are large, slow-moving fans that silently circulate the air, and we'll take a closer look at them in this article. We'll go over how Gear Less HVLS fans function, and some of the other advantages of employing them.

How Do Gear Less HVLS Fans Work? 

Gear Less HVLS Fans Suppliers clearly explain the function of these fans. When cool air flows over the body, it breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer and speeds evaporation in order to create cooling effects. When ceiling fans turn, they create a column of air. Along the floor, this column of air flows down and out. This deep wall of horizontally moving air, known as a horizontal floor jet, is proportional to the fan's diameter and, to a lesser extent, its speed. When the floor jet reaches its maximum capacity, it migrates outward until it encounters a vertical surface such as a sidewall.

Specification of Gear Less HVLS Fans

In terms of diameter, rotational speed, and performance, commercial HVLS ceiling fans differ from domestic ceiling fans. While some fans use modern blades to move air, other ways, such as Airfoils, are being used to make it more efficient. Gear Less HVLS Fans Exporters make sure the fans reach the customers with all these qualities. At the same speed, larger fans may move more air than smaller fans. A chaotic, high-velocity air jet swiftly disappears. Because of the friction between moving air and stationary air at the moving column's edge, a large column of air "travels" farther than a small one.

Gear Less HVLS Fans in India are well-made by S A Engineering Corporation and have wide usage. The diameter of an air column has a direct relationship with its perimeter. While the cross-sectional area grows in proportion to the square of the diameter, the huge column has fewer peripheries and thus less drag.

Product Details:

Phase 1 Phase
Number of Blades 4
Power Type AC
Material Alluminium
Volume to be ventilated 3,50,000 cfm
Size 8-24 ft.
Noise Level 43 dB
Maximum Effective Coverage 5000 to 6000 sq. ft.
Power Source Electricity
Voltage 240 V - 360 V

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